Industrial floorings

Pardoselile în spațiile de producție trebuie să îndeplinească cele mai înalte standarde de igienă, să fie antiderapante, sigure pentru angajați, ușor de curățat și să fie rezistente la impact, substanțe chimice sau șoc termic.


Industrial flooringsIndustrial spaces require high performance solutions

The industrial floor has the advantage of proving its resistance over time, it installs quickly and it basically meets all the requirements of the modern processing industry. The polyurethane and epoxy resins are among the main technical solutions for heavy loads (from the food, automotive or pharmaceutical industry, etc.).

Resin floor systems consist of thin layers of epoxy or polyurethane resins that, once strengthened, have a high mechanical strength and an outstanding chemical resistance. They can be applied to new and old floors in areas that are exposed to considerable mechanical or chemical stress. They have a high durability over time and their maintenance costs are minimal. In addition, these floors form a smooth, non-absorbent and easy to clean surface. If applied correctly, industrial flooring lasts over 30 years even in highly hostile work environments.

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Criteriile de performanta in aplicarea unor pardoseli industriale


Quick installation

The systems can be installed within a single day, so activities can resume as soon as possible.

Temperature resistance

The temperature level during industrial activities is one of the main requirements when assessing the floor type. This determines the required floor thickness and any further finishes.

Sliding resistance

Floor finishes are designed from an aesthetical and functional perspective. The most suitable surface texture for a specific application will depend on the nature of the leakage, the type of activity carried out in that particular space and the maintenance and cleaning standards that have to be maintained.

Mechanical resistance

Some industrial areas are subject to mechanical impact with heavy objects and wheeled heavy traffic, so systems with a higher thickness and an increased resistance are recommended.

Chemical resistance

Industrial floorings are suitable for humid processing spaces from a variety of industries, particularly for the food and pharmaceutical industry. A strict cleaning regime is mandatory for ensuring an ideal maintenance of these floors and for avoiding damage.

Pardoseli elicopterizate


For spaces subject to an intense mechanical stress and heavy traffic, the trowelled floors are the ideal choice of coatings. Heavy industry, machine building industry, halls and warehouses for bulk and other voluminous goods, or areas where raw materials are processed are just a few of the areas where a trowelled floor is essential for doing business in best conditions.

Obtaining trowelled floors involves several steps, such as: reinforcement of the whole surface with welded mesh or metallic fibers, casting of concrete, finishing with trowelled machines and jointing. For an increased resistance to abrasion, vibration and impact, as well as durability over time, a layer of quartz-based wear is recommended as coating.

Trowelled flooring is better known as industrial flooring due to the types of spaces it is designed for, namely the industrial sector. Its name comes from the final stages of the process: obtaining a perfectly flat surface through the incorporating of the quartz layer in the concrete by means of special finishing machines called trowels.

When we speak about industrial flooring, we mean more than just industrial traffic areas; it is about the main features that distinguish it from other types of flooring, namely: increased resistance to both wear and compression, intense traffic and strong impact.

TECHNICAL SOLUTIONSPolyurethane resins floors for food industry, pharmaceutical, chemical and beverage industry for heavy loads:

High durability compared to other floor systems (20-30 years)

Resistance to mechanical shocks caused by heavy and sharp objects

The UCRETE system – has a high level of elasticity compared to the epoxy resin systems that become brittle

High and heavy traffic resistance, even when wheels of the pallet trucks are not rubberized

Exceptional resistance to highly aggressive chemical substances, from strong acids to alkalis, grease, oils and solvents that can quickly degrade other types of epoxy resin flooring

Resistant in a permanently humid environment (fish or meat industry, car wash, etc.)

Resistant to extreme temperatures from -40°C in freezing tunnels and up to 150°C in a steaming zone

High resistance to aggressive environments

Clean and easy to maintain, the tests conducted by the Campden Technology Ltd Institute concluded that UCRETE floors can be sanitized to a standard comparable to stainless steel and plastics

It holds the “Indoor Air Comfort Gold certified product” certificate as it doesn’t contain volatile compounds that are dangerous for the staff’s health

The system can be installed 7 days after the casting of the concrete due to its permissiveness to the residual moisture of the substrate

The surface of the flooring can be either perfectly smooth with an R10 degree of slip resistance (for dry floor work areas) or R31 slip resistant (suitable for processes from wet or greasy areas)

Quick application and strengthening – even at low temperatures (spaces can be used 5 hours after the assembly)


Polyurethane floors are applied in industrial and commercial spaces and they have the advantage of a quick use once the application process is completed to a maximum of 5 minutes for low (pedestrian) traffic and a maximum of 12 hours for heavy traffic (stackers). Compared to the epoxy system, the polyurethane flooring systems have a large elongation and crack attenuation, and it is applied by spraying.


Milucon counts on an experience of over 10 years and on the support of a team of engineers specialized in evaluating, technical solutions and application. We have developed a complete range of floor systems that meet all the functional requirements of the industrial environment, the aesthetic criteria included.