Road concretes, building materials for road construction

In the construction industry, the most used material is concrete, whether it is for buildings, bridges, roads, viaducts or others.

Concrete is a product obtained from very homogeneous mixtures of water, binder and aggregates, and in some cases additives are also added. Such a mixture, following physico-chemical processes, becomes a solid substance in which the aggregate granules are bonded together thus giving the concrete the monolithic characteristic.

Depending on the type of construction, different types of concrete can be produced, for example, road concrete is used to build or reinforce public roads.


This material is the basis for the construction and modernization or repair works for public roads and highways, driveways, car parkings and generally for any surface on which vehicles drive.

These concrete mixes include, besides aggregates, cement and water, various other elements such as additives and plasticizers, or steel and steel fibers. They also contain the ashes from the thermal power plant, which is a side effect of the coal energy. This is captured dry from the thermal power plants and, in combination with the other components, helps to increase the parameters and improve the characteristics of the concrete, turning them into road concrete.


When building a road, a foundation is required as a support and wear surface. The base layer, that is the road structure, can be supple, rigid or mixed. The lining of the structure is usually made in two layers, a binding and a wear one. The wear layer must have good resistance to traffic, but also to the action of climate. It must present a certain roughness and prevent the infiltration of rain. The lower layer, the link between the wear layer and the foundation of the road, must present specific features out of which the most important is resistance. It has the role of taking over traffic loads and distributing them on larger surfaces so that the foundation is not stressed beyond its limits at any given time.

These layers that are applied when constructing roads, highways or parking lots are made of road concrete, which must present all traffic specific conditions.