Waterproofing PVC membrane

Hidroizolatie terase cu membrana PVC


PVC waterproofing is used in a suite of applications, most common being the ones for roofs and for tanks or clean water tanks. This modern solution is suitable for horizontal and inclined terraces, ballast or visible systems, industrial coatings in roof framing, etc. The PVC membrane is mechanically fastened and then heat-sealed (hot-air bonding) to form homogeneous bonds of a high load bearing capacity. The PVC membrane is resistant to ultraviolet rays and to the attack of any biological organism: fungi, spores, bacteria, etc. PVC waterproofing is preferred when surfaces must be kept clean and free of any biological damage, as it provides a high waterproofing and resistance against microorganisms and bad weather.

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PVC waterproofing is perhaps the best solution to use for surfaces that require a high level of hygiene, as the material is complying with all applicable standards. Milucon offers high standard executions performed by our trained personnel who use latest technology that ensures an increased durability. This type of waterproofing is especially preferred in industrial applications, so when you need a safe and long lasting waterproofing, you can count on Milucon.

We also provide PVC waterproofing products made on technologically advanced fabrication lines which simplify the application procedures at a high efficiency. PVC membranes are made of co-extruded material and they can be single or multi-layered, depending on the surface area concerned. They have a high resistance to aging and to mechanical stress, as well as to low/high temperatures. They provide an increased permeability to water vapor diffusion so the surfaces can respire.

Hidroizolatie PVC cu produse Soprema


Thanks to our collaboration with the Soprema Group, an important manufacturer of waterproofing materials, Milucon is able to provide the PVC waterproofing option. But this option is not the only one we can provide, as we waterproof with bituminous membranes of various compositions as well that are manufactured by the same group. Soprema PVC membranes are obtained in a production line ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified, so they are fully complying with the quality management and environmental protection rules. They belong to the series of synthetic membranes used for waterproofing.

WHY MILUCON FOR PVC WATERPROOFING?Because we use highly efficient materials and guarantee a quality execution

Unless used properly, a quality material will never produce the desired effects. Milucon’s main interest is to provide our clients with quality solutions. We work with the largest manufacturers in the industry, whose certified products we can rely on.

We have well trained teams available:

Milucon employees, who perform the PVC waterproofing, are able to guarantee a result according to expectations, as they attend specialised trainings and therefore they get to know all the materials used and their application techniques.


PVC waterproofing services are performed complying with strict quality standards and they are guaranteed for long periods of time.

Avantajele hidroizolatiilor cu membrane PVC :

Flexibilitate specifica ce asigura un montaj rapid si simplu;

Aderenta perfecta chiar si in zonele mai dificile;

Rezistenta impotriva smulgerii, respectiv a intinderii

Solutie ecologică, materialele nu dăunează mediului;

Valoare mica in ceea ce priveste greutatea; astfel, nu va incarca suplimentar cladirea;

Hidroizolatiile PVC au o durata de viata de peste 30 de ani;

Rezistenta sporita impotriva razelor uv, precum si a temperaturilor extreme.



PVC or TPO synthetic membrane system

Pour the bituminous primer on the surface

Then apply a bituminous membrane layer as a diffuser and a vapor barrier; this is a membrane which is black on top that stops the vapors and conducts them to the lateral vertical surfaces and with concave bands on the bottom through which the vapors circulate.

Apply thermal insulation that can be either hard expanded polystyrene (EPS from 120 to 200), or high density hardwood wool or PIR (rigid polyurethane panel).

A PVC or TPO membrane is used as a sealer that is bonded with adhesive or ballast gravel, then apply a layer of geotextile as a partition between the membrane and the gravel.


PVC or TPO synthetic membrane system

Trapezoidal metal sheet support

Vapor barrier

Thermal insulation with: EPS 120-200 or PIR or BASALTIC WOOL

PVC or TPO membrane sealing with mechanical fastenings on both the thermal insulation layer and in the membrane layer

The PVC or TPO membrane system is a complete system with many add-ons: laminated metal sheets (on vertical surfaces), contact adhesive if the height is high, liquid PVC, polyurethane mastic for details and elastic liquid polyurethane membrane and detail reinforcement tape.


Quick application

One-layer membrane

No need to use a diffusion layer as the membrane works as a diffuser

Easy maintenance – bindings can be strengthened after 7-8 years (with extra layer)